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Advances in diagnostic and treatment technology combined with an increasing need for integration have led to a dramatic rise in the number of devices requiring network connectivity. Communications networks are the foundation for integrated healthcare applications. They must meet the demands of every connected device from an MRI scanner to a telephone. Applying our unique combination of healthcare and IT expertise we utilise the latest technology to deliver class leading network performance, resilience and security.

Each network is tailored to meet unique project needs while avoiding costly “over engineering”. We deliver peace of mind that critical computer applications can reliably and securely share data.
Centriq also offer a network auditing service, see attached for more details Network Audits for Healthcare IT[0.3MB]

Communications Solutions

Recognising that every client is unique, we listen and remain attentive, translating clinical needs into communications requirements.

Adopting a holistic approach to design takes account of broad organisational goals and future growth. Innovative use of layer 3 switching, VLAN and QoS technology ensures efficient network utilisation regardless of the application. Telephone calls with low but real-time bandwidth requirements coexist with diagnostic imaging systems sending large volumes of data.


Major roles in the UK DoH National Program for IT and provision of leading edge hospital wide networks continue to build our track record of success. Balancing flexibility with rigor optimises deployment and ensures adaptability to change. From network design to troubleshooting Centriq is known for its expertise, commitment and success in surmounting the toughest challenges. Healthcare providers and major OEM’s like GE Healthcare choose us with confidence.

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