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Centriq is a communications and computing solutions provider for healthcare. With our unique blend of healthcare and technical expertise we design, deploy and maintain truly outstanding IT infrastructure. Our converged network, computing and telephony solutions ensure that healthcare data from a telephone call to an MRI exam get the IT infrastructure to operate effectively, day in, day out.


Centriq (formerly Atalanta Consulting Ltd) was formed in 1996 by a group of Ex-GE Healthcare professionals sharing a goal to reduce the time and risk incurred developing innovative, high quality medical technology. In 2003 Atalanta Consulting founded a Healthcare IT division and in 2006 the business was restructured into two companies, Centriq and Tactiq, with Tactiq focusing on product development. Centriq has built a reputation with customers for excellence and flexibility, a reputation that we continue to build on today. We are ISO 13485:2016 certified.


Proven Track Record
Centriq’s clients know us as a bringer of solutions, not problems, as a business that has an unmatched blend of healthcare and technical expertise delivering real benefits from improved patient care to a better staff experience and reduced operating costs. From the development, configuration and deployment of encrypted wide area connectivity for 42 NHS Trusts in southern England to complete hospital wide turnkey solutions, Centriq has built a reputation with customers for excellence and flexibility. See attached PDF of example projects Example Healthcare IT projects


Risk Reduction
Our ability to work with lead clinical and business professionals, translating their needs into IT infrastructure highlights our ability to make a significant difference for our customers. Our knowledge of the communications and computing requirements of PAS, HIS, RIS, PACS, vital signs monitors, lab equipment and telemedicine, to name but a few, enables us to open up new possibilities for our customers, to do more than they thought possible. We give peace of mind that their critical IT infrastructure is in safe hands.


At Centriq we adopt a partnership approach with both customers and suppliers. Why? … because loyal suppliers and customers enable us to operate more efficiently generating long term benefits for all. Partnerships are not a right they must be earned so we remain attentive to all our customers throughout the lifetime of a project, inclusive of maintenance and support. Working closely with healthcare professionals we are always aware of the real world challenges faced by clinical staff, hospital administrators and patients. Regular dialogue between our solution designers and healthcare providers creates a melting pot of innovation, fueling constant improvement in all that we do.

Centriq's track record clearly demonstrates the application of knowledge and experience in tackling the toughest challenges.

Ensuring success by aligning our goals with those of our client's right from the start.