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Dependency on IT infrastructure for primary care and its increasing complexity requires a high level of expertise to design solutions and trouble-shoot problems. Centriq's skilled and experienced solution architects bring the latest, proven technology to healthcare. Considered designs provide excellent future proof performance without expensive "over engineering". Trained and experienced engineers with a detailed knowledge of communications protocols and the latest test equipment are able to troubleshoot problems in the most complex multi-vendor environments. Centriq's independence in the healthcare IT market also ensures client's get the best, impartial advise for IT infrastructures.

Consulting Solutions

Infrastructure Assessments

The critical first step to making infrastructure improvements is a clear understanding of existing provision. This includes the architecture, technology, maintenance, monitoring facilities and change control. Our assessments and detailed report document existing provision and limitations. The use of advanced analysis equipment accurately determines physical devices. If required our solution architects make recommendations for improvement by optimising the use of existing equipment and more significant changes requiring new equipment.

Complete Infrastructure Solutions Design

Centriq have the expertise and experience to conduct a complete healthcare IT infrastructure design from ITU to outpatients, from small clinics to new build hospitals. We firstly thoroughly understand the requirements for now and the future, the clinical demands and the existing infrastructure. We then do a complete design, often maximising use of the existing equipment where possible combined with leading edge new solutions. We provide full costing to support investment decisions and can structure the design pack to be used for tendering.

Healthcare Network Audits

Using our Healthcare IT Networking expertise, we offer two levels of audit:
Level 1 - Network Assessment: Auditing inventory and topology, quantification, analysis and advice.
Level 2 - Network Health Check: In addition to Level 1, we evaluate performance and baselines, provide qualification, analysis and advice.
For more details see attached Network Audits for Healthcare IT[0.3MB]

Healthcare IT Virtualisation Assessments

Using our Healthcare IT Virtualisation expertise, we offer two levels of assessment:
Level 1 - Virtualisation Assessment: Objectives, IT analysis, suitability assessment and recommendations.
Level 2 - Virtualisation Design: In addition to Level 1, conduct a full infrastructure analysis, detailed requirements review and produce a systems design and costing.
For more details see attached Healthcare IT Virtualisation Assessment[0.3MB]

Advanced Trouble Shooting and Diagnostics

Complex multi-vendor environments and the close coupling of hospital computer applications makes problem diagnosis a real challenge. If DICOM Worklist isn't working on your MR scanner, is it the RIS, PACS, network or scanner? Are all these systems from different vendors? Using powerful diagnostic tools our experienced engineers identify the source of these problems enabling the relevant supplier to correct the fault.

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Experienced Eye
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Trained, experienced engineers with a detailed understanding of HL7 and DICOM, diagnose problems in complex, multi-vendor

Requirements and Design
Centriq’s Design Architects assist is the development of requirements and develop solution designs for communications and computing infrastructure.